What to Know When Buying a Humidor

Sometimes I wonder what is the true definition of a cigar aficionado, many say it is the buying of their first humidor.

But which humidor to buy? How do you know which method of storing your delicious cigars is right for you?

It is commonly believed that humidors are large and expensive, but this is untrue! Yes you can buy a large expensive humidors of the finest quality, even walk in humidors that could cost you upwards of a years salary, but there are now many, many smaller cheaper humidors. We have a massive range of humidors available in a variety of wood finishes and sizes, from budget humidors, to small travel humidors, right up to huge display cabinet humidors.

How to Choose a Humidor

What humidor to buy - adorini chiantiIf you are a regular cigar smoker, then you need to consider the following questions:

How many cigars do you actually have in your possession?

How are your cigars currently being stored?

How many cigars would you ideally like to store in your humidor?

You do not want too much dead space in your humidor as this can interfere with the temperature level and humidity. The majority of cigar smokers will purchase a tabletop humidor. These can hold anything from 25 cigars up to 300 cigars. There are also now an array of travel humidors available if you want to take some on holiday or into the office.

Most walk in humidors can be seen in cigar stores or cigar bars, although the affluent amongst us may have one installed within their homes. I think this could then move them from the ranks of cigar aficionado to cigar connoisseur.

Correctly stored cigars in a walk in humidorAs a cigar smoker, the one thing you need to ensure is that your cigar is in optimum condition for smoking and this can only be achieved by storage in a humidor. It should also be noted that storing your havanas in a humidor for between 5 and 10 years will heighten their flavour. While you may feel that waiting 10 years to smoke your hard earned cigar is a long time, remember it is entirely your choice whether you go down this route or not. The main reason for owning a humidor isn't simply to age your cigars, but just a way of storing them for a few days or weeks to keep them in top condition.

If however you do decide to tuck a few cigars away in your humidor for longer periods of time, you may require a few pointers. Not all cigars will taste better with age. It is really trial and error. My advice would always be to speak to your cigar merchant as they can generally advise you of what cigars will age well. Although that said, it is also often down to personal preference so sometimes a little experimentation is needed. If you have a cigar which seems quite harsh in flavour, it is very likely that this cigar will mellow if it is aged, the longer it is aged, the mellower it will become.

That said, if you simply do not like the flavour of a cigar, then ageing it will really make no difference whatsoever. Buying your first humidor should be an enjoyable experience, but trust me, there are not many that stop at one. Once you realise how much better your cigars taste when they have been stored correctly and if you decide to do some experimentation with the ageing process, then you may find before long you have three or four humidors for different purposes.

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