Humidors - are they Necessary?

The Cigar Humidor - A Necessity for Every Cigar Smoker!

We've all seen it in the movies, when the powerful businessman says to the hero of the hour 'May I offer you a cigar?',  then he offers him a gold embossed cigar case. As elegant as the case may look, it has no humidity controls and it certainly isn't a humidor.

Many casual cigar smokers and even those more committed to the art of cigar smoking,  don't realise how important it is to store your cigars in a humidor.

In fact you may be reading this right now, wondering what in fact a humidor is! So let me help :-) A humidor is basically a storage container that is designed to look after your cigars. It will maintain them at a certain level of humidity (near 70%) at a constant temperature (70°F or below).

So why is it so important to maintain them at 70% humidity. Bearing in mind what a cigar actually is.... a set of cut, dried, fermented, cured, rolled up leaves. In order for the cigar to maintain its flavour and strength characteristic, it needs to be kept in an environment that basically recreates the natural humidor of Cuba! The humidor does just that and ensures that the cigars will continue to mature and improve over time in the humidor much like a fine wine would do in a wine cellar.

From the moment you purchase a cigar, you are at war with the elements.  Your job is to keep the cigar in optimum condition to ensure that its perfect for smoking.

Cigar Humidor

Humidity can help you in this battle. The tobacco plant thrives in an environment of 70% humidity, this is the condition in which you'll generally find it in nature. If you can replicate that humidity, your cigars will stay in good shape. The best humidors available use Spanish (Note: "Spanish" is a generic term these days for cedar that is suitable for a humidor and most of it in fact comes from Honduras) cedar lining which helps trap the moisture. You also need a hygrometer which helps you monitor the moisture levels. Best to get a decent digital hygrometer. It may set you back £20 or so but they are more accurate than analogue hygrometers (unless you are willing to part with a lot more cash for a precision analogue hygrometer).

Of course you don't actually need a hygrometer to know that your cigars are in perfect condition and most experienced smokers would know the condition of the cigars simply by pressing the pad of the thumb just under the band of the cigar. If in perfect condition the cigar should feel firm but springy. If the cigar feels hard and brittle they are under humidified, if they feel soft and spongy they are over humidified.

The humidifier on your humidor will also need to be maintained. This needs to be filled with distilled water or humidifying solution. Let any excess water drip from the humidifier into a sink, and then wipe clean the outside of the device. Place it in the humidor.

Finally ensure that your humidor is kept in a cool dry place. It should not be kept near any home appliances that could affect the humidity. Including night heaters, air conditioners fans and windows. Keep it away from direct sunlight.

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