Honest Pipe Lighter and Ashtray Set - Black (HON122)

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Description Ref # TA-56

Honest lighters are inexpensive and a great value for money.

Good quality finish, reliable and quickly becoming very popular make on the UK market.

The lighter in this ashtray set is a soft flame pipe lighter with a simple yet stylish design.

Comes gift boxed.

Note: For Saturday Delivery, all lighters will need be sent out by TNT and charged extra and priced at £25.

Note: All lighters are shipped empty of gas due to mail restrictions.

Tasting Notes

Double Jet cigar lighter

  • Pocket style Cigar lighter
  • Easy to Carry and light your cigarette or cigars.

Metal Cigar Ashtray

  • Metal Cigar Ashtray
  • With a removable Cigar punch cutter


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