Barkleys Mints Peppermint Tin - 50g

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Barkleys Mints  Peppermint Tin - 50g
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Peppermint is the strongest selling flavour of breath mint in North America.

Peppermint mythology and facts! In greek mythology Persephone was the wife of Pluto, who was the Roman name for the God of the underworld, also known as Hades.

When Persephone found out that Pluto was in love with the beautiful nymph Minthe, jealousy burned within her, and she changed Minthe into a lowly plant.

Pluto couldn't undo Persephone's spell, but he did soften it a little so that the more Minthe was tread upon, the sweeter her smell would be. The name Minthe changed to Mentha and became the genus name of this herb, mint.

Many cultures treasured this herb.
The Pharisees paid their tithes with mint.
The Romans crowned themselves with peppermint wreaths.

The Greeks used mint in temple rites and believed it could clear the voice and counteract sea serpent stings.


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